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It takes a crucial yet intangible energy to create a unique guest experience, an energy that derives from a subtle and delicious mix of luxury, entertainment, and superlative service. Delivering this experience consistently and effectively with a personal touch makes The Mansion Group an indelible force that redefines A List entertainment.

Known for throwing some of the most exhilarating events in town, The Mansion Group conceives and produces every detail from the selection of the setting, to the decor, to that elusive "It Factor" that makes The Mansion Group events the best parties in town. Nowhere else has style, sophistication, and innovation morphed so inextricably well such that every event crafted by The Mansion Group creates an extraordinary and compelling stage that will leave everyone simply wanting more.

Combining luxurious atmosphere, exquisite entertainment, and unparalleled service with the unique ability to mastermind the development and execution of signature A List events enables The Mansion Group to create an entirely memorable experience, a sought after lifestyle, where form complements function, vivid imagination creates fantasy, and sophistication supersedes the trendy and ephemeral.

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Event marketing, corporate event planning, brand development or special event creation. The Mansion Group delivers the cutting edge in A-List entertainment.

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